Towbar For The 2019 Suzuki Jimny

towbar for the 2019 Suzuki Jimny
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The new-generation Suzuki Jimny looks tough, and its small body is fascinating. 

Jimny's front and rear bumpers, side tread bars, trailer bars, luggage frames, 

and leisure side bars are the first to be considered in all conversion projects. 

The front and rear bars are suitable for Xiaoji retrofitting, and the trailer bar 

set can be dragged on. Water equipment, bike racks and more. Jimny can 

be said to be one of the most reliable off-road vehicles among the Japanese 

hard-coated off-road vehicles. It can eat coarse grains and do a lot of work. 

The world is so big, it can really take you to see However, rivers and lakes are

 rough, there are all kinds of roads, and modification has become an indispensable

 part of off-road vehicles. The following is the rendering of the entire vehicle.

  2018~2019 JIMNY JB64/JB74 
Delivery   method: FCA    
GBJM74W-F01Front   Bumper AJIMNY SIERRA   JB74W(2018~2019)163*39*22CM/26.5KGset10
GBJM64W-F01Front   Bumper BJIMNY   JB64W(2018~2019)163*39*22CM/26.5KGset10
GBJM74W-F02Front   Bumper BJIMNY SIERRA   JB74W(2018~2019)163*39*22CM/26.5KGset10
GBJM64W-F03Front   Bumper CJIMNY SIERRA   JB74W(2018~2019)163*39*22CM/26.5KGset10
GBJM74W-R01Rear   Bumper AJIMNY SIERRA   JB74W(2018~2019)159*40*26CM/13.5KGset10
GBJM64/74W-S01Tow   BarJIMNY SIERRA   JB74W/JB64W(2018~2019)90*23*14CM/12.5KGset10
GBJM64/74W-S01Side   StepsJIMNY SIERRA   JB74W/JB64W(2018~2019)128*41*20CM/18.6KGset10
GBJM64/74W-RF01Roof   Rack AJIMNY SIERRA   JB74W/JB64W(2018~2019)158*48*14.5CM/21KGset10

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