Toyota Highlander Front Bumper

Package: EPE and Bubble bag
Volume: 0.1CBM
Net Weight: 10.2 KG
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Product Details

People's personalized demand for their cars is increasing, and more and more modified cars can be seen on the road, all kinds and variety. Simply match a color, the last sticker. The complex wheels, turbines, and bumpers have been professionally modified to not only reflect the individual needs of the owners, but also bring a better driving experience. The front bumper determines the approach angle and protection capabilities of the vehicle. Most front bumpers manufactured by most automobile manufacturers are mostly made of plastic materials, and the approach angle design is also more conservative.

The protective bar, also known as bumper or bumper bar, is a device to absorb the external impact and protect the body safety. According to the different installation locations, the protective bar can be divided into front protective bar, rear protective bar and side protective bar Three categories.

The role of the rear bumper is mainly to protect the fuel tank and towing.

The side guard bar can play the role of mud retaining and decorating the body, and it can also facilitate the occupants to get on and off the car. When the owner needs to place something on the roof, it can also act as a cushion.



Condition: New

Color: Silver

Application: Truck

Certification: CE

Position: Roll Bar

Material: Stainless Steel


Product Description

Product Name: Stainless Steel Roll  Bar For Toyota  Highlander

Material: Stainless Steel 201

Car Model: Toyota  Highlander

Package: EPE and Bubble bag 

Volume: 0.1CBM

Net Weight: 10.2 KG 


Payment: T/T

Delivery Time: 15-30 days after received your deposit 

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