Can the car's front bumper crash and be opened?

- May 06, 2019-

Can the car's front bumper crash and be opened?

The simple bumper is deformed and the vehicle can be opened. But you can observe and see if there are any of the following problems before deciding your actions.

1 Look at the liquid at the bottom of the car, such as antifreeze, engine oil, brake oil, etc. If there is any spillage, it proves that the machine is damaged by the collision. If the damage degree of the machine cannot be determined, the vehicle cannot be started.

2 Observe the place where there is friction interference. After the vehicle collides, the deformation of the machine will occur. The deformed parts may have frictional interference when the engine is running or the vehicle is moving. This friction sometimes damages the machine parts, expands the fault point, and increases the number. Big loss. For example, if the front of the vehicle collides, the distance between the radiator and the cooling fan is very small, and the collision may cause the water tank and the fan to be close together. If the vehicle is rushed, the moving fan may be possible. Damage to the water tank and fan impeller, causing unnecessary losses.

3 At rest, turn the steering wheel a few times to see if it is too light or too heavy. After confirming that the conditions mentioned in 1 and 2 are normal, start the engine, and then turn the steering wheel back and forth to see if the rotation is flexible. See if the front wheel rotates with the direction and there is a corresponding action. After hitting the left and right through the steering wheel, observe whether the front wheel has friction and interference with other parts.

4 Step on a few brakes, test whether there is any abnormality in the brakes, whether there is any abnormality in the pedals, excessive weight, and check to see if there is any leaking brake oil.

5 If the above situation is normal, the vehicle can be started slowly. Step on the clutch, hang low, slow loose clutch, lightly step on the throttle, listen to the abnormal sound, see if there is no function. Lightly press the brakes to see if the brakes are normal. Turn the direction lightly and try to see if the system function is normal.

6 If the above situation is normal, try to gradually increase the walking, while listening to the sound of the vehicle, if there is abnormal noise, immediately stop the inspection.

In short, after a vehicle collision, try not to start the vehicle without determining the situation. Even if it can be started, it cannot be driven at full speed to avoid danger.