Car rear bumper painting with a few k

- May 07, 2019-

Car rear bumper painting with a few k

Car paints are generally baked paint. In the depot, after the frame and the car shell are welded (sometimes manually repaired), the next process is lacquering. Generally speaking, the first is the primer. Dip the light car shell into the syrup-like paint tank, take out the drying primer, and then send it to the dust-free workshop to spray the paint with the electrostatic painting process. Then dry at a temperature of about 200 degrees. If you study it, you will have a layer of varnish. In this way, the paint process is done.

Car paints are generally baked paint. After the car manufacturer, the frame and the car shell are welded (sometimes manually repaired), the next process is painting. There are several types of general finishes: ordinary paint, metallic paint, and pearl paint. Regardless of the color of the paint, its pigment will fade in the sun. In fact, not only paint, anything that has color can fade under the sun. Painting automotive paint can be roughly divided into the following processes: scraping putty, sanding, painting, grinding surface particles, waxing and polishing. 1. Steps of repairing the bumper: It is a good method to repair the bumper with special chemical synthetic agent, and it is very simple to operate. Anyone can repair it. Although it is difficult to restore the appearance to the new car, it can be done. If you don't look carefully, it's hard to tell the extent. The specific steps are as follows.

2, the burr on the rear bumper is cut off, it is best to use a small knife to cut off, the overall finishing smooth, so easy to repair. Part of the pothole is painted with putty to make it smooth. There is usually a lot of dirt around the rear bumper's scar. In order to make the putty stick to it, it should be cleaned first. Brushing is generally good.

3. If the rear bumper is stained with oil, the putty is not easy to stick, so it is best to repair part of the paint strip with the paint dilution. After mixing the bumper with putty, the gray main agent and hardener are all extruded to the same length, according to the product instructions. After mixing, apply the putty with a spatula, and the tip is embedded in the scar.