In everyone's inherent impression, the rear bumper is used for insurance,

- May 08, 2019-

In everyone's inherent impression, the rear bumper is used for insurance, it should be hard and invincible, or how to "insure"? The former rear bumper is indeed like this. The front and rear bumpers of the cars in the earlier period were mainly made of metal materials. They were generally stamped from steel plates and riveted or welded together with the frame rails (the current rear bumper of large trucks is still the same). So is this rear bumper safe?

The concept of car safety is advancing with the development of the times. The early concept of car safety was to make the car manufacturing hard and rely on a strong outer casing to protect the car body and the safety of the occupants. But it turns out that this is not effective.

On the one hand, there is no buffer in the event of a serious collision, and the collision energy will be transmitted to the passenger compartment. The occupants in the vehicle will be subjected to a strong collision impact;

On the other hand, most of the car and pedestrian collisions occur in the rear bumper position. Because the rear bumper is too hard, the damage to pedestrians is very large, and the car really becomes a "road killer."

Therefore, people are constantly seeking more advanced security solutions. After numerous trials and summaries, they have proposed the safety concept of “collision buffer energy absorption”. That is, the front and rear parts of the car are collision energy absorption zones, which are made of materials with relatively low strength. They can be deformed in the event of collision and absorb most of the collision energy. The passenger compartment is made of high-strength materials and is not easily deformed in the event of a collision. , to the maximum extent to protect the living space of the occupants inside the car. Moreover, since the energy absorption area absorbs most of the collision energy, the collision energy transmitted to the passenger compartment is small, and supplemented by the use of safety belts, airbags and the like, the safety of the occupants in the vehicle can be well protected.

Some people say that the current steel plate is not as thick as before, it has not been strong before, and the safety performance is not as good as before. In fact, this is a big mistake. The previous safety concept was to protect the car. The current safety concept is to protect people. The idea is more advanced and everyone will judge. Someone once let a car with a good safety performance collide with a car that was very good (at the time) 50 years ago. The result is that the car is now winning.