In fact, the benefits of plastic rear bumpers are many.

- Apr 27, 2019-

In fact, the benefits of plastic rear bumpers are many. For car companies, the most direct effect is to save manufacturing costs. The remaining benefits are:

The plastic rear bumper has elasticity. If a slight collision or scraping occurs, the plastic rear bumper has good elasticity and has certain impact resistance, that is, if it is not in the case of small bumps, plastic The bumper can automatically rebound and automatically repair, even if it is painted, it is always stronger than the recess. After all, the paint is much cheaper than the sheet metal repair.

The plastic material is more conducive to protect the pedestrian plastic rear bumper can play a certain role in protecting pedestrians. After all, the steel rigidity of the car is not borne by the rear bumper, mainly depends on the body frame. The plastic rear bumper is more elastic than metal and absorbs the impact force due to the material. If the bicycle is equipped with a rear bumper and a metal rear bumper, the consequences may be more serious.

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, low-cost Automotive production has been moulded. In addition to the high-strength materials used in the body, many components are made of materials that are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, easy to process, easy to mold, and easy to repair and replace. The front and rear bumpers of the car are so, some body exterior parts, such as fenders, may also be made of lightweight materials such as plastic. Of course, some top sports cars will also use a large amount of carbon fiber material instead of metal materials on the outer body. The purpose is simple: the body is lighter, the brakes are faster and safer, and it is more fuel efficient.

Therefore, with a plastic rear bumper, this is a good practice for both buyers and sellers. Here, it is emphasized that the function of the rear bumper is different from that of the anti-collision steel beam. The rigidity of the car is not measured by the softness and hardness of the bumper in the future. And the plastic rear bumper can also reduce the weight, to a certain extent, to save fuel. Of course, most of the plastic rear bumpers are relatively inexpensive models.

This is to consider the safety of pedestrians, because if the rear bumper of the vehicle uses metal, if the vehicle has an accident and hits the pedestrian, the rear bumper of the vehicle can be deformed to absorb the impact force, thus protecting the pedestrian from injury. Reduce to a minimum.

Because it absorbs the impact force deformation, the plastic rear bumper, the plastic characteristics, the deformation force will be relatively large, so it can absorb the impact force to reduce the pedestrian's injury.

If a metal rear bumper is used, because of the metal characteristics, it is not easy to deform, so the characteristics of the impact force will be smaller, and the degree of pedestrian injury will increase.