Industry standard for automotive rear bumpers

- May 05, 2019-

Industry standard for automotive rear bumpers

On September 1, 2013, China's "Automobile Protection Bar" industry standard, the standard [2] will be officially implemented. The standard was drafted by Guangdong Dongjian Group. Many domestic research institutes and professional institutions participated in the demonstration, and in 2014, In April, it was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The implementation of the industry standard for protective bars will guide the production of automobile protective bars and rear bumpers in strict accordance with national and industrial standards. [1]

The "car protection bar" industry standard meets the requirements of national mandatory laws and standards, for example, the collision performance of products, the standard meets the relevant requirements of GB173521998. At the same time, on the basis of the mandatory regulations for ensuring the safety of products in the country, the standard provides a measure of the materials, processes and performance of the car protection bars, and proposes scientific testing of test methods. For example, for the problem of "car protection bar falling paint", the method of coating adhesion test is specified; due to the characteristics of automobile products, the problem of falling off and looseness is prone to inferior products, the standard specifies the vibration resistance performance clause, and the installation bracket is clearly defined. Install the reinforcing plate and the protective bar without cracking, desoldering and obvious looseness; as the case may also apply the general requirements of the structural design of the standard, that is, the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle should be considered, and the protective bar should not be significantly increased after installation. The air resistance of the whole vehicle and so on.

The "Car Protection Bar" standard provides detailed instructions on the functional positioning, material application, performance standards, testing methods, production techniques and installation specifications of the car protection bars, and puts forward strict requirements.

After the standard is released, the product inspection process can be initiated in three ways:

First, after the consumer encounters product quality problems, the quality inspection department may be required to inspect the problem product;

Second, the national quality inspection department shall randomly check the problem products according to law;

Third, companies or individuals report fake and shoddy products.

After the inspection by the authoritative quality inspection department, the damage caused by the products that do not meet the industry standards of the "car protection bar" shall be borne by the production enterprise and the seller according to law.