On the Internet, you can often see the various horrible pieces of the front bumper of the car.

- Apr 20, 2019-

On the Internet, you can often see the various horrible pieces of the front bumper of the car. For example, the following pictures are not very good-looking.

Why this happens is directly related to the plastic parts of today's car bumper casings. It is necessary to know that the impact of a car at high speed is very high, and it is hard to say whether the plastic casing can withstand the impact force.

In the eyes of many people, the plastic bumper's crashworthiness is not as good as that of the earlier metal bumpers. The reason why it is popular nowadays is to reduce the weight.

1 technology changes have always served people

Of course, there is a reason to say this, but the change of technology has always been to serve people. Why is this change definitely not just lightweight, but from the perspective of the development of bumpers, it has become a set of more For complex systems.

The most commonly used car bumper system for passenger cars can be divided into three parts. The following figure is an exploded view of the car bumper system, which is a good illustration of the layout relationship between the three.

Regarding their characteristics, a brief summary is as follows:

The bumper shell, which is surrounded by the plastic we see, is the hardest hit area where the collision is broken;

Base metal impact beams, usually made of cold rolled steel, typically about 10 cm behind the bumper housing. Some models will add foam board between them to improve the support. Its role is to reduce the damage of the plastic shell without compromising the safety of pedestrians;

The suction box is located behind the metal impact beam. Regarding the role of the energy-absorbing box, you can jump to the article of Che Jujun's previous article - "Unveiling the car energy-absorbing box: the mystery of the bumper is here | Simply put, it is an energy absorbing device used to deal with low and medium speed collisions. The type and material of the energy absorbing box are different depending on the settings. Generally, the absorbing cartridge with the detachable + aluminum alloy + crush guide is the most effective. good.