The car's front bumper is no longer ‘’insurable‘’, its function has changed,

- May 09, 2019-

The car's front bumper is no longer "insurable", its function has changed, the main role is to form a streamlined body, is part of the car aerodynamics kit. It doesn't need to be so hard and strong, it's logical to make it from plastic. This is by no means a manufacturer's cut corner, but the need for the development of the automotive industry. In addition, the use of plastic front bumpers can better protect pedestrians, and also meet the current concept of car safety. The current trend is that more and more plastic covers, such as fenders, are used in the exterior of the car. Maybe in the near future, steel will completely disappear from the car, and by then, the front bumper may not be called "front bumper". In China's current regulations, pedestrian protection is almost zero. However, in Europe and the United States, pedestrian protection is a regulation that must be considered. With an iron front bumper, leg injuries to pedestrians will be fatal. Therefore, the plastic front bumper will become the mainstream

More beautiful, easier to cast

Compared to iron, plastic makes it easier to make complex shapes. Even today, the complex shape of many fronts, iron plate stamping is difficult to achieve perfect, it is prone to cracking, wrinkling and other phenomena, affecting the appearance. Plastics are made by injection molding and are easy to achieve.

Maintenance and economy

On the car, the front and rear front bumpers are the most vulnerable parts. And if the front bumper is iron, it is very troublesome to repair, and the correction of the sheet metal is more complicated than the plastic part.

In addition, the iron piece is also easy to embroider, as long as the bottom of the paint is scraped, basically it must be refurbished, otherwise it will rust after a long time. The plastic is not the case, even if it is pierced, as long as the impact is not big, it can basically be ignored. When there is a large area of trauma, it will be repaired. If the repair is not good, it can be replaced directly, and the cost is still low.

Plastic front bumper has elasticity to avoid small bumps

If there is a slight collision or scraping, the plastic front bumper has good elasticity and has certain impact resistance, which means that if the small bump is small, the plastic front bumper can rebound automatically. Automatic repair. Even if it is lacquered, it is always stronger than the recess. After all, painting is much cheaper than sheet metal repair.