The front bumper and rear bumper of the car are generally made of plastic materials,

- Apr 29, 2019-

The front bumper and rear bumper of the car are generally made of plastic materials, and also made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. First, its function is reflected in the protection of the car before and after the movement, because sometimes even if it is very careful, it will inevitably produce scraping. For accidents such as smashing and impact, the front and rear bumpers installed independently can be easily repaired and replaced, which can reduce maintenance costs. Second, it should be noted that the original is relatively strong, with toughness and impact resistance. After replacing the replacement products, even the products changed by 4S shop will not work, it is not the original one, it is brittle and easy to break, or the original maintenance can be good. Just use it, it is not possible to change.

As the front and rear end components of the car, the car bumper is the safety device responsible for absorbing and absorbing the impact of the impact and protecting the front and rear parts of the car body. In the past, the car used to be stamped into channel steel by steel plate and welded together with the frame to form a so-called bumper. The problem is that this design method is practical, but it is obviously lost in appearance. A lot, there will be obvious gaps with the body. As the process is improved, the plastic bumper can not only maintain the original protection ability, but also improve the appearance of the car. The shape of the car body is more uniform and the weight is lighter.

The plastic bumper is composed of three major structures: outer plate, cushioning material and beam. The core component of the beam is the minimum thickness of 1.5mm. The steel plate is made into a u-shaped groove by stamping and directly welded to the body. The cushioning material, that is, the bumper we see, will be attached to the beam, and the screw and clip are perfectly connected to the body to become one. In general, bumpers are made by injection molding using polyester and polypropylene.

Said a lot of these things, in fact, the use of these plastic bumpers in addition to aesthetics, but also take care of the safety of outsiders. Especially when accidentally hitting a pedestrian, the plastic bumper will effectively absorb the impact force that collides with the front of the pedestrian, so that the pedestrian's injury is minimized; on the contrary, the metal bumper is less plastic. The elasticity will cause serious injury to pedestrians. Even a slight collision will cause problems such as fractures. Then the car needs to be repaired. The plastic bumper only needs to replace the plastic bumper and the paint to complete the whole process. The metal bumper needs to be burnt and burned, and the bumper is put into the way so that it is not so beautiful in appearance. .

Even if it is the same behind, if there is a car rear-end collision, the effect of the bumper will be obvious at this time, absorb the initial impact force, and when it is greatly reduced, it will hit the car body. At this time, the passenger sitting in the car. Or the driver will not cause physical trauma due to impact.