the metal materials of the front bumpers of automobiles were gradually replaced by plastics

- Apr 24, 2019-

With the continuous development of the automotive industry, the grades of automotive products are also constantly improving, and the materials of the front bumper of the automobile are constantly being updated. Before the 1980s, the front bumpers of automobiles were mainly made of metal materials. Later, the metal materials of the front bumpers of automobiles were gradually replaced by plastics, which is now widely used in automobile plastic front bumpers.

Now many old drivers feel that the current car is not as safe as it used to be. The front bumper is soft and how to protect it. It is true that the early front bumpers are made of metal, which is much more reliable than the current plastic material. Is the plastic material front bumper soft to protect? First of all, why is the front bumper plastic? Compared to iron, plastic makes it easier to make complex shapes. Even today, the complex shape of many fronts, iron plate stamping is difficult to achieve perfect, it is prone to cracking, wrinkling and other phenomena, affecting the appearance. Plastics are made by injection molding and are easy to achieve. The metal front bumper is very unattractive, and the plastic front bumper is simple to manufacture and lower in cost;

Second, the body lightweight is getting more and more attention, and the metal front bumper is contrary to the concept; Third, to protect the safety of pedestrians, the plastic front bumper will effectively absorb the impact force of the pedestrian collision. Pedestrian injuries are minimized, and the plastic front bumper also ensures the safety of the car!

In fact, car safety mainly depends on the body frame structure. If a collision occurs, the front bumper basically does not have much protection. What is really important is the anti-collision beam, and the passenger compartment is also made of high-strength materials. It is not easy to be deformed, and the living space of the occupants in the car is guaranteed to the greatest extent. Together with the seat belts and airbags, the occupants in the car can be well protected!