The role of car bumpers

- Sep 09, 2020-

The first reaction of most people will think that this thing is a safety device for absorbing energy in the event of a vehicle collision, mitigating external impact, and protecting the front and rear parts of the car body. Is this really the case?

1. The primary purpose is to protect pedestrians

In the relationship between cars and pedestrians, pedestrians are a vulnerable group. The design of the bumper first considers how to reduce the damage caused by the car to people when the person and the car collide, and secondly, it is used to reduce the loss of vehicle parts during low-speed collisions. . Therefore, in the design of the bumper, how to relieve the impact force on the pedestrian's legs will also be considered, and the reasonable design of the front bumper will reduce the degree of injury when the pedestrian is hit.

2. Protect people and cars in the car

The bumper can distribute the power in the event of a collision.

When the front receives the impact force, the front bumper distributes the force to the energy-absorbing boxes on both sides, and then transmits it to the left and right front side members, and then to other structures of the body; the rear bumper receives the impact force, and the rear bumper transmits the impact force to both sides The energy-absorbing box is then transferred to the left and right rear longitudinal beams, and then transferred to other structures of the body.

Low-strength impact bumpers can cope with it, while high-strength impact bumpers play the role of force transmission and dispersion and buffering, and finally transfer to other structures of the body, and then rely on the strength of the body structure to resist. This can protect the car and the occupants to the greatest extent.