Why use plastic material for car bumpers

- Sep 08, 2020-

Regarding the car, through such a long-term development, many of the designs have passed the inspection at all times, but often for the owner, the knowledge is often limited, and they don’t know the principles of many car-related parts. First of all, the material of the bumper There will be doubts, why use plastic materials to make bumpers instead of metal materials, is it to save costs? In fact, there are a lot of articles here, by no means cut corners so simple.

In fact, at the beginning, the front and rear bumpers of the car were all made of metal materials. They were all made of steel and connected to the frame. However, afterwards, I don’t know from which point of view to consider, most car manufacturers began to use them. Plastic bumpers are now available, and the first brand to use plastic bumpers is Fiat. Following the use of Fiat, various car companies of all sizes have begun to use this cheap and convenient bumper.

   For Japanese car owners, they often feel that their car is of poor quality and feel that the entire car is made of plastic. They also have their own complaints about the bumper with the highest damage rate. But in fact, not only Japanese brands, from European cars to American cars, almost without exception are plastic bumpers, then why? There are several reasons:

   Low production cost

Of course, the production cost of plastic is very cheap, which can reduce a lot of repair and maintenance expenses. Moreover, if the bumper is damaged, because it is a plastic material, if it is not serious, it will usually bounce back by itself. It is easy to form flaws in appearance. In fact, the plastic bumper also helps to reduce the weight of the car.

   Ensure pedestrian safety

Many people think that car bumpers are to maintain the safety of the occupants in the car. In fact, it is not because the occupants in the car already have many buffers and airbags for maintenance. A bumper is not very important. In fact, a bumper is used to ensure Pedestrians are safe. If the bumper is made of strong metal materials, when it encounters pedestrians, even if the speed is very slow, it will cause greater damage to pedestrians. Plastic materials can provide a buffer and reduce the damage.

   anti-corrosion effect

   We all know that metal products can rust. Regarding the bumpers with the highest chance of damage to the exterior paint, if metal materials are used directly, rust will definitely not be prevented. Therefore, the use of plastic bumpers can ensure that they are not corroded and remain beautiful.

All in all, plastic bumpers have the advantages of low density and light weight. Together they can have good energy absorption in a collision, help reduce the impact on both sides of the collision, and also have the advantage of low price, so plastic will be used. Bumpers, not cutting corners.