Car Bumper Crack Repair Process

- Dec 06, 2019-

Let's understand the composition and material of the bumper. There are bumpers at the front and rear of the body to absorb external forces and play a cushioning role. At present, most four-seater bumpers on the market are special plastic products. Generally, polyester or polypropylene materials are used. The bumper and the frame are bolted and can be disassembled.

Slight cracks in the bumper can be repaired with chemical reagents as follows:

First, remove the small burr on the bumper wound surface. You can use a knife to remove it and smooth it with sandpaper.

Second, clean up the dirt on the bumper wound surface, and apply automotive putty to smooth the whole. It should be noted here that it is advisable to choose the color of putty and car paint to avoid the difference in color after painting.

3. Mix the hardeners and other supplies used in the repair of the bumper, and use a spatula to embed the wound.

4. Wait about four hours. After the putty is completely hardened, polish it with water sandpaper.

V. Car paint can be sprayed about one week after the above steps are completed. Note that the painting must be completed in a clean and dust-free environment, otherwise there are too many impurities on the paint surface, which affects the effect.

If you don't have a special bumper repair chemical on hand, you can also repair it by welding:

First, first remove the screws connecting the bumper and the frame, and remove the whole bumper.

Second, use a plastic welding gun, welding from the back of the bumper, pay attention to moving the plastic welding electrode while heating, so that the plastic welding electrode evenly cracks.

3. If the bumper is deformed, when the torch is heating, push the bumps back to the original position while it is still hot.

It can be seen that repairing the deformation of the bumper is to use all the thermal rebound characteristics of plastic materials, which is also one of the advantages of rubber and plastic bumpers. If the bumper is only slightly deformed due to the impact, you can even use a hair dryer or hot water to heat the part and repair it later. The plastic will recover to its original shape after rebounding.