Does Changing The Rear Bumper Have A Big Impact On The Car?

- May 26, 2019-

Does changing the rear bumper have a big impact on the car?

After walking for many years in the rivers and lakes, the vehicles will always scratch and bump, and the light points will also wipe the skin and wounds, and the repairing and repairing of the repair shop will pass. But if you accidentally chase after or hit other vehicles, it is inevitable to change the rear bumper. Some owners ask: Does the impact of the rear bumper have a big impact on the car? Will the bumper be reduced in value after the change?

From the perspective of second-hand cars, the impact of insurance on vehicles is certainly there, but not big. On the one hand, the replacement of the rear bumper is attributed to the reduction of the substantive value. After all, the original and the replacement are already two different concepts, so the value reduction will definitely be. On the other hand, simply replacing insurance does not have much impact on the overall function of the vehicle, so it has little effect on the value reduction or the value reduction of the vehicle.

In general, if the original value of your vehicle is higher, then the details such as the replacement bumper will have a greater impact on the vehicle's hedging rate. On the contrary, if your vehicle's initial value is not high, then some of the shortcomings are not magnified. Compared to fatal injuries such as anti-collision beams, chassis, engines, etc., the replacement bumper is almost lacking one. mention.

First, if the size of the scraped "breakage" is not large, it can be corrected according to the normal paint repair procedure and recovered.

Second, if it is "scraped" on a larger scale, even cracks, falls, etc., can be repaired or repaired by plastic welding or metal welding or special welding techniques such as FRP raw materials (see front bumper materials) . Perform a normal paint patch to achieve the original appearance.

Third, if the scraping scale is connected to other components, such as lamps, forming parts that interfere with each other or parts such as lamps, skeletons, and rear bumpers themselves, specific analysis is required, such as:

A. The appearance of the lamp is damaged and it is recommended to replace it. To ensure safe driving;

B. The internal support skeleton is deformed and can be tightened by the device which is corrected and basically reaches the original state and does not affect other components. It is advocated to correct mainly, and vice versa.

C. If the rear bumper is severely damaged, affecting the device of the lamp, the device that affects other components, and claiming that it is difficult to recover the original condition on site, it is recommended to replace it.

Fourth, like this kind of scraping "things", the general auto repair factory is equipped with special equipment can be corrected, the owner does not need to worry, just pay attention to whether the equipment in the "things" side of the components of the matching gap is reasonable, normal, and related to safety In terms of “bump sensor” (SRS system front sensor is generally near the front bumper), the electrical equipment is not displaced, dropped, loose, etc., check carefully to ensure that it is correct before driving on the road.