Front And Rear Bumper Manufacturers Are About Twice As High As Most Electric Vehicles Sold.

- May 17, 2019-

Front and rear bumper manufacturers are about twice as high as most electric vehicles sold. The iV6's cruising range is one higher than its benchmark ModelY (***EPA's 483 km). However, in terms of drag coefficient, the drag coefficient below iV60.27 is slightly lower than 0.23 of ModelY. At the delivery time node, the two cars all chose to deliver in 2020, but it is said that the iV6 will be delivered in large quantities in early 2020, ahead of ModelY, which was only delivered in the autumn of the same year. The iV7 against the ModelX of the Bo County iV6 also crushes the opponent with a cruising range of 565 kilometers, and the iV7NEDC has a range of more than 700 kilometers. In terms of body size, the body length of the iV7 (4.9 meters) is shorter than ModelX (5036mm), but the wheelbase of 3.01 meters is longer than the latter (2965mm). Bo County iV7iViV7 is based on Tesla.

It is worth mentioning that Sky ME7 can connect 4 mobile terminals at the same time, and five screens can realize information sharing.  U Recently, Hezhong New Energy announced the second production model, Hezhong U, and will officially announce the pre-sale price at the Shanghai Auto Show. Hezhong U's very sci-fi, the car looks full and highly recognizable.

The car has a suspended roof design, while the body lines are also more aggressive, with some sporty atmosphere. The interior design of Hezhong U has not yet been officially announced, but it is confirmed that the production model will have a transparent A-pillar. Through the external camera, the information outside the car is directly displayed on the A-pillar to increase driving safety. In the power section, Hezhong U will have four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive models respectively.