Front And Rear Bumper Production Includes: Positioning As A Young, Stylish And Connected I-SP Platform, Mainly For Young Customer Groups,

- May 16, 2019-

Front and rear bumper production includes: positioning as a young, stylish and connected i-SP platform, mainly for young customer groups, planning a variety of models from A0 to A; positioning sports, technology, future i-MP platform, mainly For the new middle-class professional class, there are plans for cross-border SUVs, SUVs, cars, coupes, MPVs, etc.; the flagship high-end i-LP platform. In the future, the three platforms will generate dozens of models, covering the three major market segments of A, B and C. Bo County iV6 and Bo County iV7, respectively, from the i-MP platform and i-LP platform. Judging from the information currently output, Bo County Motors is taking the Weilai route, mainly for the high-end pure electric vehicle market, and its cruising range is its main event. Insufficient cruising range is a major factor hindering the popularity of pure electric vehicles in the market. At present, the range of electric vehicles sold on the market is more than 350 kilometers, while the range of NEDCs for iV6 and iV7 is more than 600 kilometers and more than 700 kilometers.

Adopt intelligent frame type stamping line. There are two intelligent frame-type automatic CNC punching lines in the workshop. There are nine presses and one fully automatic laser cutting machine. The press line is from the forging machine. This stage includes the loading and unloading of the 1600T hydraulic machine automatic laser cutting machine, which adopts the advanced microcomputer control system. The fully automatic CNC system and the automated flow-through operation not only ensure the stability of the quality of the molded parts, but also improve the work efficiency and safety. The strictly inspected parts are placed on the shelves in a unified manner for storage and storage. The molds to be used will be neatly placed in the storage area for backup, and the time for replacing the press line for the press line is controlled within 30 minutes. Stamping is just to turn a piece of steel into a part of the body. To join them together, you need to pass the welding process. Welding shop welding workshop: an area of 40,000 square meters, with an annual production of >300,000 vehicles.