How To Repair The Front Bumper

- Dec 05, 2019-

Scratches on car bumpers can be said to be a very common phenomenon, especially for some cars that are often parked outside, it will inevitably be slightly scratched. If it is serious, it may also cause the bumper to sag. But when asked about the plastic repair method of the front bumper, many friends said that they were not very clear. So how do you repair the front bumper? Let me answer it below.

Repair scratch


When the bumper is scratched, repairing it with toothpaste is very effective, because the toothpaste itself has the function of grinding, which is equivalent to putting a layer of wax on your car, which has a good repair effect. However, repairing with toothpaste can only target slight marks. If it is relatively deep, it will not have much effect.

2. Touch up pen

Using a touch-up pen can cover up some of the smaller and lighter scratches, making the marks less visible. Although there is still a certain gap with the original paint (color difference exists), and the durability is definitely not comparable to the original paint, after all, the paint touch-up pen is only a partial paint touch, but the overall effect is relatively good.

Repair scratch

When the bumper of the car is indented, we can use the principle of plastics to soften when exposed to heat, and hot water is heated at the bumped part to push it out. But this step takes a long time, after all, the plastic needs to be heated to a certain degree before it starts to soften. Then, at this time, we can cooperate with some dent repair tools to improve the efficiency of dent repair. Of course, after the depression is restored to its original state, we need to cool it with cold water to play a role in contraction and recovery.