Is The Front Bumper Of The Car Broken For Inspection?

- Apr 23, 2020-

1. If the front bumper of the car is broken, it will not be inspected

2. Vehicle inspection:

Inspection of basic procedure documents

Outside inspection before starting

In-car inspection before starting

Static check after startup

Examination during exercise

Inspection after exercise

Final review

3. The external inspection before starting requires inspection of the flatness of the body: the flatness of the body steel plate and bumper should be checked, and there should be no abnormal depressions or protrusions. Car body anti-scratch strips and decorative lines should be straight, smooth transition, the gap at the interface is consistent. Also check whether the gap of the door is uniform (some of the gaps are large and small, some front covers are asymmetrical on both sides), whether the door is flexible, whether the paint surface is scratched, and whether the corner edges are rusty Traces and so on. It can be seen that the bumper is broken.