Many People Think That The Front Bumper Will Play An Important Role In Resisting The Impact,

- May 23, 2019-

[Who is the safety of the front bumper?]

Many people think that the front bumper will play an important role in resisting the impact, and it directly relates to vehicle safety. In fact, the modern planning of the car's steel is not based on the front bumper, the first is still based on the body frame planning, which means that the thickness and raw materials of the front bumper, can not directly determine the safety of the vehicle, truly ensure the vehicle Passively safe, it is a variety of high-strength steel frames on the back of the plastic front bumper, and this plastic cover is not in contact.

For this reason, in some countries in Europe and America, the front bumper is not considered as a safety equipment. For example, the United States only uses the front bumper as an accessory to reduce the speed of bumps and losses. Different front bumpers may be different in small bumps, but for larger bumps, they are often one-touch.

[Maintaining pedestrians is the biggest responsibility of modern front bumpers]

After the transition from metal to plastic, the primary effect of the modern front bumper has been transformed from the maintenance of the structural components of the body to the maintenance of the pedestrian-based utility. Because the elasticity of the plastic is better, after combining the filled plastic foam material, it can be used to relieve the impact force, and the reasonable planning of the cooperative front bump can effectively reduce the degree of injury when the pedestrian is hit.

Another point is that if you have a slight bump or scrape, the plastic front bumper has good elasticity and has a certain impact resistance. That is to say, if it is not in the case of small bumps, plastic front insurance The bar can actively rebound and actively correct, even if it is painted, it is always stronger than the recess. After all, the paint is much cheaper than the sheet metal correction.

Because of the elastic nature of the plastic front bumper, the energy-absorbing cushioning material filled with plastic foam in the open space is the key to the active correction of the front bumper of the vehicle. From the above structural differentiation diagram, we can see that there is a high-density plastic foam that acts as a buffer mechanism between the collision-proof steel beam and the "front bumper" casing interlayer, which can be based on the vehicle anti-collision steel beam to the front bumper. The housing constitutes a "soft support", which is not easily deformed under the low-speed collision and supports the front bumper housing, and can also support the front bumper housing for active correction rebound reset.

[Why are rumors all about Japanese cars?]

Filling the foam in the front bumper open space has been widely used in many models. Therefore, the use of foam is not a cut-off, but a safety facility. Only the cars of the masses, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and other brands will spray the foam on the black, which looks like the one with the anti-collision beam. It is not easy to see, and many Japanese cars are painted in white and directly exposed, so it looks more " Remnant."

After reading the above, I believe that our doubts about the plastic foam in the front bumper can be easily solved. The foam in the front bumper is not shameful. What is really shameful is that some international manufacturers have hardened the foam after the reduction of the anti-collision beam, which makes the original full protective function greatly reduced. For these models, we are Should it be underestimated? Is it still a contempt? Is it still a contempt?