Pickup Truck & SUV Off-road Vehicle Side Tread Bar Modified Exterior Protection

- Jul 15, 2020-

Pickup trucks & SUVs are equipped with modified accessories for side pedals. They are highly practical modified products that can effectively protect and mitigate the impact of external forces on the doors and sides. It can be called a real anti-side collision and anti-scratch "weapon" !


The side pedals are sturdy and durable, which not only fully guarantees the effectiveness of anti-skid, but also increases the aesthetics; at the same time, the ends of the steel pipe are processed by arc technology, which is beautiful and atmospheric, satisfying the off-road family.


SUV off-road vehicles and pickup off-road vehicles have a pedal that will be much more convenient, and will not put mud on their trousers when getting on and off on rainy days, which is more beautiful, and the addition of front and rear bumpers will serve as a buffer in the event of a vehicle collision. effect.



In fact, the most important function of side stepping is to facilitate people to get on and off. As we all know, the SUV chassis is relatively high. For the elderly, children, and ladies in skirts, it is not difficult to get in the car, and the side pedals are much more elegant. In addition to being convenient for getting on and off everyday, with the side pedals, you can also avoid road scratches or large stone scratched bodies, which is equivalent to wearing a strong armor.