Pickup Roller Blind

- Nov 25, 2019-

What is a pickup roller blind?

Above the pickup truck is the lid on the back of the pickup truck. Simply put, it is to add a shed to the streaking pickup truck. It is both good-looking and anti-theft.

The advantage of the roller blind cover is that the car can be closed and protected from the rain. When the large items are pulled, the back cover can be rolled up and closed, and the exposed space is large enough to not affect the pulling of the goods at all. In this regard, do you say that it is good?

What are the models of the roller blind flat back cover?

Nowadays, in addition to the imported models, the manual roller shutters are full of domestic models, including Changfeng 5, Fengjun 6, Isuzu pickup, ZTE lord, Jiangling domain tiger, Chase T60, etc. The back cover is dedicated to the car.