Pickup Truck Modification

- May 22, 2020-

Pickup truck anti-overturn frame, also known as: gantry frame or anti-roll frame. It is installed at the front of the pickup truck container and vertically mounted on the rear window of the cab. Many people think that the gantry is to protect the body of the car in an accident, but in fact it is not. The main function of the gantry is to prevent the pickup of the cargo box during the pickup process. In addition, you can also fix the cargo and beautify the body.

There are many modifications to pickup trucks, such as: 1. Absorbing and mitigating external impacts, protecting the front and rear safety devices of the body, which can reduce the loss of parts during low-speed collisions. 2. Install the back cover of the pickup to ensure the safety of the cargo in the compartment, waterproof, sunscreen and anti-theft. 3. Add luggage racks to enhance the cargo space of pickup trucks. As long as the owner fixes the goods in place, especially if a luggage rope net is added to the goods, more things can be carried. 4. Add truck gantry to enhance cargo compartment function.

In the process of changing pickups, the gantry is undoubtedly an important item and a symbol of personality. But some may always prefer to keep a low profile, so they are reluctant to show too much attitude to their pickups for modification. So, how can we have the patience to reduce our car to a prime car?

Without a pickup truck with a gantry, the overall shape will always make people think that there is something missing behind the pickup! That's right, it feels like a pickup truck without a sense of off-road.

Pickup truck adds a pair of gantry, its biggest function is:

Use the original vehicle data to open the mold. The data is accurate and does not affect the passability of the original car. It is simple and elegant, but also full of texture! It can effectively reduce the damage caused by the vehicle rollover to the vehicle and passengers. For friends who like off-road, this must be a guarantee problem that cannot be ignored.