Speaking Of The Rear Bumper Of A Car, Many People’s First Reaction Is: Insurance-bar

- May 29, 2019-

Speaking of the rear bumper of a car, many people’s first reaction is: insurance-bar

First of all, I think of auto insurance, but the rear bumper of the car is made of plastic. It is not resistant to collision. Is it not the insurance company that pays off the insurance company?

No, no, no. In fact, when it comes to the rear bumper, you should take a look at the history of the rear bumper.

In the beginning, the rear bumper of the car was made of metal and rigidly attached to the frame. There was a small distance between the car and the body. A gap did not look good. The main function is to protect the car and reduce the damage of bumps.

Later, with the development of the automotive industry, the innovation of materials in the primary market demand changes. The first is that car quality began to pursue lightweight, and secondly, the rear bumper of the car began to derive other functions, not only to protect the car, but also to protect pedestrian safety. Coupled with some visual needs, it has gradually evolved into the current plastic plastic rear bumper, referred to as: plastic rear bumper.

There is also a filling foam inside the rear bumper. This was a breakthrough point in the domestic Internet when it was just a breakthrough. It was said that the foam in the rear bumper was cut corners, like the cardboard in the roof. It is for the black heart.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The foam is filled in the rear bumper to increase the safety and reduce the collision loss indirectly:

First: the plastic rear bumper + foam layer is relatively soft. When it collides with pedestrians at low speed, it can be used as a simple crushing layer to cushion the damage to pedestrians.

Second: Relatively easy to repair after a collision, material labor costs are relatively cheap.

Third: reduce the quality and directly reduce fuel consumption.

Fourth: This is a function that has only recently been derived, and to a certain extent serves as an auxiliary basis for the insurance company to determine the loss of the fixed loss.

In general, the rear bumper of the car is more to protect pedestrians. Nowadays, the consumer-grade rear bumper on the market is made of high-toughness soft plastic, which acts as a shock absorber.

There is a bit of worry about being bark here, so make up one sentence: this collision avoidance refers to the pedestrian, not to the car. Because pedestrians are a vulnerable group in road traffic.

Of course, the safety of a car can never be solved by relying on a rear bumper, mainly on other architectures of the car. For example, the anti-collision steel beam of the automobile, the previous car is the anti-collision steel beam, and now due to the technical and cost reasons, the anti-collision beam has several materials. The main function of the anti-collision steel beam is to support the frame to prevent direct intrusion into the car when a large impact strikes the tail.