The Advantages Of Using Plastic For Bumpers

- Sep 25, 2020-

The advantages of using plastic for bumpers

   1. Cost reduction

  Plastic products can save a lot of steel costs and require very low industrial standards. They are suitable for mass production, so the price will be lower and more affordable for the masses.

  2, maintain pedestrians

Plastic bumpers not only protect drivers and passengers, but also protect pedestrians. At the same speed, the impact force of plastic bumpers is much lower than that of metal bumpers. For example, if you are hit by metal products or hit by plastic products, See which one is more comfortable? See which one you can bear more.

  3, self-correction

Plastic bumpers have a certain degree of elasticity, so in the case of minor collisions or scratches, they can actively rebound to correct the depression, instead of being indented like a metal bumper, it will not come out. The next guarantee will be Will drop drastically.

   4. Avoid rusting

   After the bumper is exposed to wind, sun and rain, it is prone to rust and oxidation, which is not only unsightly, but also affects the maintenance effect after corrosion.