Use The Corner Indicator Column To Determine The Position Of The Front Bumper

- May 12, 2019-

First, use the corner indicator column to determine the position of the front bumper

The mark on the corner of the front bumper is the indicator column, and some companies have the type of automatic expansion and contraction with the motor drive. This corner indicating column can correctly confirm the position of the front bumper corner, prevent damage to the front bumper, improve driving skills, and often easily scratch the front bumper. It is best to put a try. With this corner marking column, it is very convenient to correctly judge the position of the front bumper in the driver's seat.

Second, the installation of corner rubber can reduce the damage of the front bumper

The corner of the front bumper is the most vulnerable part of the car's outer casing. People who have a bad driving experience can easily rub the corners and make them full of scars. The corner rubber can be protected from this part, just stick it on the corner of the front bumper and it is very simple to install. This method can reduce the degree of damage to the front bumper. Of course, if the rubber is bruised, it can be replaced with a new one. In addition, the corner rubber is a thick rubber pad that is attached to the corner of the front bumper. If you want to have a sense of integrity with the body, you can spray the paint.

On September 1, 2013, China's "Automobile Bar" industry standard will be officially implemented [1], which is drafted by Guangdong Dongjian Group. Many domestic research institutes and professional institutions participate in the demonstration and pass the national industry and Approval of the Ministry of Information Technology. The implementation of the protective bar industry standard will guide the automobile protective bars and front bumper manufacturers to strictly follow the national and industrial standards for production.

The "car protection bar" industry standard meets the requirements of national mandatory laws and standards, for example, the collision performance of products, the standard meets the relevant requirements of GB173521998. At the same time, on the basis of the mandatory regulations for ensuring the safety of products in the country, the standard provides a measure of the materials, processes and performance of the car protection bars, and proposes scientific testing of test methods. For example, for the problem of "car protection bar falling paint", the method of coating adhesion test is specified; due to the characteristics of automobile products, the problem of falling off and looseness is prone to inferior products, the standard specifies the vibration resistance performance clause, and the installation bracket is clearly defined. Install the reinforcing plate and the protective bar without cracking, desoldering and obvious looseness; as the case may also apply the general requirements of the structural design of the standard, that is, the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle should be considered, and the protective bar should not be significantly increased after installation. The air resistance of the whole vehicle and so on.