What Is The Color Of The Original Car Front Bumper?

- May 27, 2019-

What is the color of the original car front bumper?

What color is the original front bumper? The original front bumper of different models is different. Look at your model in detail. The front bumper of the car is a safety device that absorbs and mitigates the external impact and protects the front and rear of the car. A device in which a car or driver is buffered when it is stressed.

The plastic front bumper is composed of three parts: the outer panel, the buffer material and the beam. The outer plate and the buffer material are made of plastic, and the beam is stamped into a U-shaped groove by a cold-rolled sheet having a thickness of about 1.5 mm; the outer plate and the buffer material are attached to the beam, and the beam is coupled with the frame longitudinal beam and can be attached at any time. Take it apart. The plastic used in this plastic front bumper is made of two types of polyester and polypropylene, and is made by injection molding. On June 26, 2013, the National Car Accessories Professional Federation, the National Car Standardization Skills Committee Body Attachment Skills Committee and Guangdong Dongjian Group jointly issued the professional specifications of China's "Car Protection Bar". This specification was drafted by Guangdong Dongjian Group. Many domestic research institutes and professional institutions participated in the demonstration and were reviewed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is reported that the official release of the professional norms of China's "Car Protection Bar" marks the break of the "zero" of the professional specification of the car protection bar and fills the gap of domestic norms. The specification will be officially implemented nationwide on September 1, 2013, causing great concern to professional manufacturers and distributors.

With the popularity of cars, the probability of traffic incidents is also rising, and there is also a collision in the driving process. Then, how to pay for the damage to the stable bar? Today Xiaobian brought us a description of the car claims process.

How to pay for the damage to the stable bar? Introduction to the car claims process - Agile report

The auto insurance clause usually stipulates that the company should be reported to be secure within 48 hours after the accident, otherwise the company has the right to reject the compensation. If the client is entrusted to report the case on his behalf, the informant should also carry the identity card and the power of attorney issued by the secure person.

How to pay for the damage to the stable bar? Introduction to the car claims process - fixed damage repair

All the lost vehicles caused by the stability of the incident before the repair, it is necessary to secure the company's damage (decision can be fixed to the company's designated repair shop or 4S shop, but also to the factory with the qualification of the damage, but it is necessary to ensure All the three parties are present to verify the lost items and the amount; the damaged vehicles can be repaired after the damage is completed; the compensation for the personal injury or property damage caused by the third party must be approved by the company before the claim is settled. Relevant basis and amount.

How to pay for the damage to the stable bar? Introduction to the car claims process - secure compensation