Where Is The Front Bumper Of The Car?

- May 28, 2019-

Where is the front bumper of the car? It is mainly used for front and rear bumpers to maintain the body, but it is a plastic product. Many people cannot understand. Can plastic products ensure the safety of drivers and passengers? Ester and polypropylene, this front bumper is not only beautiful, has good safety, but also ensures the safety of passers-by.

First, the orientation and function of the front bumper

In which position is the front bumper of the car? There are generally two front bumpers. The front bumper of the car head is called the front front bumper. The rear tail bumper of the car is called the rear front bumper. Although it is to ensure the safety of the car body, it is driving on a daily basis. It is quite easy to be rubbed during the process, so it is often repaired. The earliest front bumpers were made of metal, but now they are basically plastic.

Now the information of the front bumper is mainly made of toughened modified polypropylene (PP) data as the material injection molding - polypropylene Poly plastic (commonly known as PP material), with a melting point of up to 167 ° C, heat resistance, density (0.90g / Cm3) is the lightest one in general plastics. The front bumper of this kind of information not only has decorative functions, but also absorbs the impact of external shocks and maintains the safety of the body and occupants.

Second, the advantages of using plastic for the front bumper

1, the cost of falling

Plastic products can save a lot of steel costs, and the requirements of the industrial level are very low, suitable for mass production, so that the price will be lower, and more affordable for the masses.

2, maintain pedestrians

The plastic front bumper not only maintains the driver and passengers, but also maintains the pedestrian. At the same speed, the impact of the plastic front bumper is much lower than that of the metal front bumper. For example, you can be hit by metal products and use plastic products. Hit it and see which one is more comfortable? See which one you can bear.

3, self-correction

Because the plastic front bumper has a certain elasticity, it can actively rebound and correct the depression in the case of slight collision or smashing, and it will not come out like a metal front bumper. The next guarantee The effect will be greatly reduced.

4, to avoid rust

After the front bumper is exposed to wind, sun and rain, it is prone to rust and oxidation, which is not only unsightly, but also affects maintenance after corrosion.

Recently, some netizens asked how to remove the front bumper of m3. For this issue, Xiaobian can view some information online, and then summarize it based on personal experience. I hope that Xiaobian can assist you.

Remove the front grille cover first. Remove the screw A and the buckles B and C that secure the front front bumper D. Repair Tip: To remove the buckle, pry the inner buckle from the top of the pipe near the edge of the pipe E.

The front front bumper A is then pulled in the wheel arch area to release the front front bumper from the hook B of the side spacer C.

With the assistance of another repair technician, the two wheel arch portions of the front front bumper A are pulled out from the side spacer B.

Starting from the outer hook C of the two upper beams D, the front bumper is pulled out to remove the hook along the upper beam, and the front bumper is removed from the pins E of the two headlights (below). Repair Tip: When loosening the final hook, grab the front front bumper to prevent damage to the pin.

Disconnect the front fog light connector A and/or the headlight washer tube B while grasping the front front bumper C, and then remove the front bumper.

Remove the bolt, loosen the hook A, and then remove the front front bumper damper B from the bumper beam C years ago. The above is how the m3 front bumper is removed, and Xiaobian expects to assist you.