Why Are The Front Bumpers Of The Car All Plastic?

- May 20, 2019-

Why are the front bumpers of the car all plastic?

We all know that the stability bars of many small cars are plastic parts. When they encounter bumps, most of them will be broken. Only the inside is the anti-collision beam. The outside is usually plastic.

Many people don't understand it. The steady bar is safe and should be robust. This is so fragile with plastic as a stable bar, how to maintain the vehicle. Why not use a more resistant steel structure to make a stable bar? Let us answer these questions one by one today!

In fact, the stable bars of the previous cars were stamped from steel plates and riveted together with the frame rails. Now big trucks are basically like this. However, there are two disadvantages to this kind of stability. One is that there is no buffer when the attack is severe, and the bump energy is transmitted to the passenger compartment.

The occupants in the car will be subjected to strong bumps and impacts. Secondly, most of them will be in the position of the stable bar when the sedan and pedestrians collide. Because the stability bar is too strong and the damage to the pedestrian is very large, the car will become a real car. Road killer.

The safety concept of the pre-car is indeed to make the car sturdy and strong, relying on a strong outer casing to maintain the car body and occupant safety, and now the car's safety concept is bumping buffer energy. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the data of the device in front of and behind the car with the information of lower strength. And plastic is the best raw material.

In fact, many of the current car sturdy bars can't afford to maintain the body. They are more part of the body's exterior cover and aerodynamic package. They don't have any effect on the car's safety structure. At best, they can be buffered in subtle interference. . The use of plastic as a raw material for the steady bar mainly has advantages in these aspects.

The first point is to reduce the drag coefficient and form a streamlined body.

This should be the most important role of the steady bar. The car wants to pursue high speed and low fuel consumption and has to drop a series of elements. The plastic stabilizer bar can easily produce various shapes and body fits.

It forms a streamlined body shape and can effectively block the drag coefficient. Other plastic stabilizer bars will also improve the car's face value, making our car look more beautiful.

The second advantage is the ability to strengthen the maintenance of pedestrians.

Although the steady bar is not safe for the car, it is indispensable for pedestrians. Most of the current stable bars are made of plastic and have low strength. There is a foam cushioning material inside the device, which indicates that the light is round and has no edges and corners. In case of encounters, pedestrians can maintain pedestrians to the greatest extent.