Why Is The Bumper So Expensive After Changing The Car?

- May 21, 2019-

Why is the bumper so expensive after changing the car?

As to why the rear bumper of the car is a plastic raw material, I think some friends are not very clear. Some friends think that the rear bumper with weak raw material lacks maintenance ability, and then affects the safety function of the whole vehicle. Some friends are also entangled in whether the rear bumper is strong, and there is some "precaution" in the choice of raw materials, and even think that the car manufacturers are saving money. Actually, but why is the rear bumper made of plastic? The following is the case of the rear bumper of the car, which is expected to help you understand the rear bumper.

1. Plastic rear bumper absorbs energy as much as possible to ensure pedestrian safety

In terms of cushioning function, when the car is driving at medium and low speeds, if the bump occurs with the object, the plastic rear bumper can play a certain buffering role. The plastic rear bumper is more elastic than the metal and absorbs the impact better because of the raw material. . Therefore, we can often see such pictures of the bumper after the bicycle crashed on the Internet, and carefully think that if you change to a metal rear bumper, then the tragic drama is likely to be pedestrians and bicycles.

2. Ability to manipulate production costs for planning and production

The production of automobiles has been moulded, and in addition to the use of high-strength materials, many components will use engineering plastics whenever possible. The front and rear bumpers of the car are typical representatives, and the exterior parts of the car, such as fenders, may also use lightweight materials such as plastic. The plastic rear bumper not only saves the cost of production, but also has lower requirements on the industrial level and is easier to produce. Therefore, after the cost of making a car can be manipulated, the price of the product to the customer will be more reasonable, which must be corresponding.

3. Plastic rear bumper has elasticity to avoid small bumps

If there is a slight bump or scraping, the plastic rear bumper has good elasticity and has a certain impact resistance function, which means that if the small bump is small, the plastic rear bumper can rebound automatically. Automatic correction. Even if it is painted, it is always stronger than the recess. After all, the paint is much cheaper than the sheet metal correction. In addition, the price of plastic is much lower than that of metal materials. Even if the rear bumper is to be replaced, plastic is always much cheaper than metal.

4. Plastic rear bumper has better anti-corrosion effect

For the car body, we all know that metal is easy to rust when combined with water and air, which not only affects the appearance, but also has certain safety hazards. However, although the rear bumper of the car is a component that is easy to bump in daily driving, the plastic has good corrosion resistance, so we do not need to worry about it.

5. Component problem

The plastic rear bumper is lighter than the metal or other material's rear bumper component, and then reduces the weight of the vehicle, and the car is not heavier and safer. Many car manufacturers are now giving cars weight loss. When the weight is down, the fuel consumption of the vehicle can also come down. Is it environmentally friendly and economical?

So using a plastic rear bumper is really useful. The use of plastic rear bumpers can be said to be beneficial to both buyers and sellers. At present, it should be regarded as the most ideal material for the rear bumper of the car at this stage.

The rear bumper of the car does not look like it is plastic. It takes ten pounds or ten kilograms to take the pound. The raw material is not worth the money. The value is the mold and the cost of the series of molds. Generally, the change in planning and production is fixed, so the larger the sales volume of the car, the greater the quantity of the car, the lower the cost of the parts of the car, which is the lower the price of the spare parts market.